This poor chap might not have known what was about to happen when, probably, a speeding car ran over him. I clicked this in the morning while returning from End Point Manipal.

Frogs are amphibians. The word amphibian is from the Greek amphibios meaning “living a double life,” that means they live in both water and on the land. Amphibians include frogs and toads, salamanders and newts, and caecilians. Amphibians have some common characteristics:

  • most hatch from eggs laid in water
  • a process called metamorphosis turns them into adults
  • they are exothermic
  • they can breathe through gills while in water and lungs while on land or their skin
Frogs are declining rapidly all over the world. There are many groups dedicated to the conservation of frog species worldwide.Safe practices will help us to conserve the worlds’ frog populations.


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