Birth and Rebirth…

The Dalai Lama has put the Chinese government in a quandary. The Atheist communist leaders are in an unusual position of upholding the traditional Tibetan religious customs after the Dalai Lama irked them with a new succession plan.

I had thought that birth and rebirth were more of a Indian Film Industry phenomenon, and with that slob of a film Om Shanti Om (OSO) doing so well despite a poor script and horrible acting by a very aged looking Shah Rukh Khan , it is interesting that the Dalai Lama is going for a referendum to decide whether he is to be reborn or not and also whether he should choose a successor while still alive.

Now how can he be alive as two individuals? Interesting ain’t it?

Can a man live in two bodies?

  • Yen(Penny)

    Hello, doctor. I'm a 16 year old girl from Malaysia. This is my first time visiting your blog. I clicked onto your link when I was reading Sen Wai's blog. I find you writtings rather interesting and subjective enough for views. The irony is that there are no comments in your blog. As a doctor, do you believe in rebirth of an individual? So far, there are endless arguments about this topic.

  • Hi Vishal,

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