Hey!! Stop Ragging!!

Question: If I am caught ragging, what all can happen to me?


  • You can be dismissed and expelled from the college
  • You won’t be entitled to get a passport or a visa to go abroad
  • You won’t get travel concession
  • You will be restrained from participation in national and international meets, tournaments,youth festivals, quizzes and so on.

Question: What type of offence is ragging?


  • It constitutes a non-bailable offence

Question: What exactly constitutes ragging?


  • Addressing seniors as madam/sir
  • Performing mass drills
  • carrying out various errands and doing menial jobs for seniors
  • Asking/Answering vulgar questions
  • Forcing juniors to drink alcohol, scalding tea etc…
  • Hey, I was wondering if you could give me some advice since you’re a veteran in blogging and in living in Manipal for quite some time. Are taking pictures of cadavers and publishing it on blogs prohibited? I just started this year and lots of my friends been taking pictures and posting up pics around. I myself did so and I got blasted by several people including my friends for posting up these pics. They think it’s disrespectful but my intention was to expose and share how is life like in Manipal. How are the dissection classes like, without any feelings of ridiculing people. What do you think ? If it’s prohibited, I would def take it down.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for visiting this blog. Well regarding the legality of posting pictures of cadavers… I do not think it is prohibited or any other such thing. But what you must realise is that , they were once human beings and hence do not disrespect them by posing with instruments in a suggestive ways. I see that you have removed one picture you had posted earlier, in which you and your friends were at the head of the cadaver all smiles with your cutting instruments drawn out. That picture was very disrespectful. Other pictures are fine. Do not worry about waht your friends say. Just keep to your code of ethics.

  • Hahaha.. actually, that was a random shot. They’re actually learning all the veins and all and i took a random shot. It wasn’t a suggestive way of posing or anything. But i did realised i accidentally put up the picture and it wasn’t very nice to do so.. so i decided to take it down. That was before all the comments came in tho. People will always be judgemental i guess. anyway, thanks so much for the advice. I appreciate it!! =) I like ur blog and it was really an inspiration to me to get to know Manipal better and helped me make a right decision for my education ! thanks