The Usual Sunday Expedition: End Point.

Just as any usual Sunday morning. we and some friends set out to End Point, one of the finest places in such a close vicinity. Here are some pictures.
As I have always repeated, please open the links in new tabs to see the pictures in their original size.
A colorful morning.

The DC Office. Whoa!

Messing with the colors.

The first view from/at End Point.

In the midst of tree.

The Jogging Track: Trailing around…

Another view. Same place.

Same view. (Yes, same place.)

Sun down (and out). The first palette of colors.

From the End Point garden.

Slowly transcending into night…

  • Cool pictures! You do know how to use photoshop!!

  • Thanks! In fact, it was not Photoshop. It was Windows Live Editor 2011 and it is quite a powerful and effective tool for photography.

  • That's something I learnt today! Windows live editor! Who woulda thunk!!!

  • @Aditya: Was it your ipad that clicked these photos? It must really be a good camera man!!

    @Photoshop Hater: Hmmm…. Ironic to see that your URL points to tips on photoshop 😛

  • iPhone. iPad unfortunately does not have a camera! Surprisingly, the iPhone camera is only 2MP but gives great clarity and results!

  • @Aditya It's not the pixels that matter in a camera, more to do with the cmos sensor and lens type.