Our Bhondoo is from ECE Department.He is in 4rth year and he got a reputation of being a comedic nerd -..This is the first story of him.

Bhondoo recently appeared in some core ECE Company for placement …this core company is basically of ECE , by ECE and for ECE . This company has allowed 3 branches this time (CSE / MECH /ECE) . So Bhondoo went with his friends to give the written exam . Most of them were giving exam with feel-good-factor as paper was easy .But Bhondoo was tensed ..he was wondering why other people are having this feel-good-factor while he is finding his paper too tough …

Anyway after the 1 hour written exam , the friends met , they had a discussion .. Bhondoo shouted to others ” Why are you people laughing and saying that paper was very easy… I found it very tough one ” ..

Apk asked Bhondoo ” What are you talking about ? Paper was not too easy but even it was easy for a non-nerd like me”

Bhondoo ( quite surprised n offended) asked him “ How did u do those OS & memory q’s ? “

There was a moment of silence and all started laughing at Bhondoo .. Bhondoo realized that he had attempted CSE question paper with DBMS ,OS stuff …instead of ECE paper …

PS :: All comments and suggestions are welcome here. Bhondoo character gets its life from the situations I see everyday in Manipal with some amount of fiction. Hope readers like it .


  1. Have been a huge fan of Bhondoo since I stumbled across your blog!! Awesome first post Arpit.. hope there are many more, original Bhondoo stories in you bag :)

  2. One who must not be namedFebruary 27, 2011 at 8:21 AM

    Brilliant!! And I think I know who this Bhondoo is :)

  3. Thanks for the valuable comments ...
    Bhondoo will keep on continuing his comedic stunts ...


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