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I wish i could be you

February 1, 2011 Devasrita Dash 5

I wish i could be like my mum sumday      the mother, the wife, the daughter, the daughter-in-law,  the lyricist, the sister      the struggler..wen no1 had faith on her      the determination to achieve […]


January Tansfer Window – Football

February 1, 2011 Mukesh Kini 0

A whooping £215,625,000 was spent during this transfer window with some of the great names of football taking some crucial steps of their respective career. Some for money, some for fame. At the end of […]


Dudhsagar Falls – A Revisit

February 1, 2011 Vishaal Bhat 1

DudhSagar Waterfalls – An Image for your Memoirs Satish has already posted about his trip to Dudhsagar Falls previously. This is merely a revisit to these awesome falls. A visit to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls on […]