Meri Maa Pyaari Maa.. Mumma

February 24, 2011 Vishaal Bhat 4

With a piece of sponge in her hand, she was busy cleaning her house. She had no time to change her clothes, perhaps she was comfortable in her crumpled cotton dress. She had no time […]


English at It’s Best

February 24, 2011 Vishaal Bhat 0

This is a collection of leave letters and applications written by people from various places of India. Image Credit: Funny English • A candidates application “This has reference to your advertisement calling for a typist […]

No Picture

Happy B’day Steve Jobs

February 24, 2011 Mukesh Kini 0

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” Happy B’day Steve Jobs. May you live longer to create many more AWESOME things as you have done till date. Here’s an Inspirational Video of Steve Jobs! Cheers Muki


Crafting a Written Masterpiece

February 24, 2011 Vishaal Bhat 7

She always sets her materials in front of her; The white clay, tap waters and her stubby fingers. She is ready to craft a masterpiece She sits hunched over a worn wooden desk, Staring, glaring […]


Coffee Craze

February 24, 2011 nj 7

Manipal is one place where you will appreciate a gift of nature called coffee. Be it the long endless nights before an exam or the morning after a heavy night of drinking. The coffee consumption […]


Of Farts and Filthy Fragrances

February 24, 2011 whiteguardian 0

One big fart, is all it takes, To make your pains, go down the drain If your efforts, go in vain Those futile attempts, to gain, Great comfort down station, You will be the cause […]


How to Cook Butter Chicken – Recipe

February 23, 2011 Vishaal Bhat 2

Ingredients: Chicken 1 kg skinned boned and diced,  Curd 150 ml,  Almonds 50 gms crushed,  Cinnamon 1/4 tsp crushed,  cloves 1/4 tsp crushed,  bay leaves 1/4 tsp crushed,  green cardamom 4,  ginger pulp 1 tsp,  […]


Near a Raven

February 21, 2011 Aditya Kamath 1

This is for the mathematics enthusiasts with a keen interest in literature too. Here’s ‘Near a Raven’, a beautiful poem with a geeky connotation. A deep secret. For, this poem aptly reads out not only […]