When Dr. Vishaal left me a message on my blog, inviting me to be a part of the team, I was ecstatic, considering my venture into blogging still being in its infancy. But I had no second thoughts to agreeing to be a part of this journey just like any other avenue of interest. I had been hooked up with a couple of exams recently and hence the delay in kick-starting here. 

Being my first post, it’s only apt to introduce myself. I am a KMC Manipal Alumnus, batch of 2003 [The Golden 50th Batch], hailing from Kuwait. My arrival at Manipal was purely unintentional. I had just returned from my XII CBSE exams and attempted a couple of entrance examinations. Having got a seat in Electrical and Electronics in Trivandrum and success in the medical field limited to BSc. Nursing!!  I probably would not even be writing here. But my interest in the field of medicine and my dad being influenced by the Manipal Team that came to Kuwait, it was just a matter of time and I was enrolled into the 2003 batch. And I can wholeheartedly thank my Dad alone, for providing me, beyond doubt the best 6 years of my life.
It’s just so hard to put into a limited number of words the joyous times that are so wonderfully etched and the yearning to relive those moments are a testament to the influence that place has had on me and on thousands of others who graduate year in year out from the small town in Dakshina Kannada.
I will be more than glad to share some of my insights over multitude of M-matters in the upcoming posts and the only downside being my ignorance of the existence of this blog until now! But it’s always better late than never J


  1. Good to see you begin your new journey here doc!! Hope to see you sharing many of your wondrous and not so wondrous experiences here!! It would be interesting to know your view points on a visit to a small town after your stay in Kuwait!! Wow!! I did not know, you were from Kuwait!!

  2. Thanks Vishaal. I am just dusting off my cd collection to share some of those good days. Will be glad to write at least weekly as far as possible :)


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