The large flexes over Kamath circle.The attractive mascots.The irresistible aromas from the food stalls. The water balloon fights. The tensed organizers. The tired volunteers.The nerve wracking contests. The pride. The disappointments. The jubiliation. The frustration. The perfect weekend. If you can relate to any of this, yes you have lived it all with Techweekend v11.02.

The inauguration of Techweekend
       Easily one of the most exciting, and wonderful events since the start of the new year, the four day tech fiesta was organized by the IEEE Student Branch Manipal.
The event was inaugurated in style, in the Library Auditorium of the MIT library. on the 2nd of Feb.

The entire program was classified into five categories, Computex, Royal Mech, Electronica, Contour and Mechatronix.

The bridge builder competition at Kc
 The Computex events lured hardcore programmers from all years, and tested the coding and debugging skills. Electronica hosted events like logic quest, shape shifters and Matlab challenge, which tested the expertise of logic gates, Matlab and wave forms. The Mechatronix events stole the show with bridge builders and Automatic Ground Vehicles that is, Line follower bots.  The Royal Mech had Submarine designing and related events, and last but not the least, the Contour category had fun events like Photo quest, Artisan and Mind your Machine.
The tech events were both rewarding and fun in more ways than one.With participants from outside colleges as well, this was certainly a brilliant platform to share ideas, put forth their innovation, and learn from one another.

Informals at KC
An inseparable part of Techweekend however was the 'Informals' held everyday at KC. On the other side of the world altogether, there were games like '7 up, 7 down' , 'Cube it' and 'Gubbara Splash'. The 'Informals' attracted huge crowds in the evening, what with the loud music playing in the background, and song dedications all over the place. One of our organizers commented "For once the boys found something better than the girls at K.C...".

The group photos and the cutting of the cake marked the end of one hell of a time that was this years techweekend. As the soulful and vibrant crowd on the sunday night started clearing, and as us volunteers started winding up the last time for long, we were left wanting to come back for more.
The Techweekend v11.02 was Technovation Unleashed, to say the least.


  1. Cool!! Was going through the photos on facebook and must say, you guys put in a lot of effort!!

  2. Thanks, it was a lot of fun too!


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