This cup does not count??
We ran a poll the entire league stages of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, and the results are as follows; 58 % of the respondents do not back India to win the world cup, this despite the fact that they were the favorites going in to the Cricket World Cup!

While only 42 % of the respondents, backed India to win the World Cup of Cricket, 13% backed Australia, 9% South Africa and 7% even backed arch-rivals Pakistan!! A further 15% of the readers, did not care or believed Cricket is not worthy of the adulation it receives!!

Comments welcome as to why we do not support the country!


  1. Hey! Atleast put up a correct headline!! Can't you guys calculate?? it is 58% not 68 %... no wonder no one likes india to win the world cup of cricket tounrmanebt

  2. @Cricket Premi - Thanks for pointing out the mistake. We have since corrected it. However the question still remains.. why are the Indians not backing their cricket team?!

  3. The title of the article is misleading and rather negative.Supporting the Indian team is one thing but that doesn't mean we write off other teams completely from the competition.42% of the people surveyed supported India;this is the statistic to be highlighted.The 13+7=20% response for Australia and South Africa is because of the quality of cricket these teams play.And yes Pakistan are definitely the arch rivals but they too have played good cricket so far in the tournament.The bottom 15% of the respondents also have valid reasons;the following for football in manipal is as much as that for cricket,so it is possible to come across a fair number of people not following cricket at all.


    P**kistan are having walkover against W.Indies at the time of writing this comment.I wished one blitzkrieg from Gayle could see WI through quarters...Black day march 23...India lost to aussies on the same day in 2003 WC final,P**kistan winning against WI... :X :X


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