Breaking News: Kamath Circle Wall

Image via @ Mahesh Pai

In what could be termed as a historic event, the Kamath Circle Wall, erected just 3 years ago, met with  the fury of Manipal University Planning commission and is being broken down even as we type this post! Reactions from residents in and around the wall have not been forthcoming due to lack of prior intimation!!

One of the passerby’s on condition of total anonymity had this to say ” i guess even the coll is confused on hw to spend money…”.

  • what is the point of doing this???..

  • @Abhay Whatever the reason was for putting it up in the first place 😛

  • Anonymous


    Yes,the management doesn't know how to spend the surplus money…They should have spent that for some research projects…

  • @BATMAN: Perhaps they did a research for threee years, by putting up the wall in the first place 😉