Food for Thought-TOP 10 “MANIPAL MUST HAVES”


“Shawarma” at HotSpot
oh cummon! “we ALL knoe tht”
but it’s tym we know it better…Bring on the extra mayo…it’ll make ur day 😛

“Prawns Masala” at Fishland
ok fishitarians…it’s tym to swim
Grab a bite of succulent fresh Goan cuisene with ur choice of rice platter and be amazed by the IMPACT…


“ChocoBrownie Sundae” at Hangyo Saiba
okay, this is evil…this is LUST
Next tym u have a “hungry-kya” moment and want to pamper your taste buds this one is fr u…(and guys, HIGH tym u admit u like this!!!)
P.S ask all 3 to b choco scoops!!!


Uncle’s Point “Nutella PanCakes”
This is fr the girls, so u r up at eleven am on a sunday mornin, longin fr some b’fast in bed…get the guy to get these fr u…It’s nt listed on the menu, BUT it sure is there!
the place will be crowded(the HM guys hoggin the space)…but it’s WORTH the wait

“Chiken Steamed momos” at SnackShack
don’t worry if this sounds strange…be rest assured tht the taste of Sikkim comes into ur platter, sure to blow u away…
For the vegies, dnt be disappointed, u get it in veg too

“Butter Masala Dosa” at Pangala
so u missed ur double period, monday mornin…or the prof kicked u out or left with the last 25 bucks in ur pocket…there’s enuf Butter and Masala in this to cheer u up…
Utterly Butterly Delicious!!!

Northy Mess “Egg Parota”
in this case, “Northy is Worthy”


“BBQ Chicken” at CocksNMocks
so we r saints…we didnt go thr fr the drinks! 😉
so if it is a saturday nite and wanna have starters to spice ur party..give this a try

“puffs” at Amita Bakery
College breaks-missed b’fast stomach rumblings-quick visit to the ATM
just stop by and have a bite, drown it all with a lassi on the go
It’s “finger lickin good!”

“Almost everything” at the Coffee House
This one is NOT abt the food. It’s just the place.
A solitary “anna” caterin to ur needs and “greeds”
so Sachin gt out and the team sank??? make this ur adda…
under the thatched roofs…this is a nice retreat to be in!


This is obv nt all…
Pour out the foodie in you, and be rest assured we’ll try it out!!!
“Foodies Forever”
🙂 <3>
  • Anonymous

    WOW! I am hungry already 🙂 Good list. I like the "Dynamites" at Planet Cafe… Anyone game?

  • Simran

    Hey… What about the Paneer Parathas at Parota Point??? Am I the only one??? 🙂

  • Sammy

    @Sreyoshi: Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Its some food for thought indeed… I am a branded foodie…

  • Doc

    yum.. yum and yum..
    Hey since when did Hot Spot start shawarmas.. I thought those were exclusives of Dishes 😀

  • @every1…thanks u guys…

  • @Doc…
    The shawarma at HotSpot is DELICIOUS…
    Priced at forty bucks, u get a platterfull of chk oodled with mayo…
    it is sinfully delicious and quite filling.
    do try it out and post hw it was…:D

  • Doc

    @sreyo: You surely know how to get one's taste buds rolling!! *slurp 😀

  • OMG! How come I haven't tasted any of these? :O

    Where is HotSpot by the way?

  • Well, so many things to try the nxt time i go to these places..
    and snack shack my take would be potato lovers 🙂

  • @Aditya
    HotSpot is at Syndicate Circle. Near the BlueDart office…or opp to the Wicked showroom…any self respectin rickshaw-wallah will take u thr…
    just say the name and upon reachin if u r lured in by the sight and smell of "awesome-ness", u know u r in chicken paradise…

  • @Pink Panther…give the momo a try, then we'll tok 😛
    on a serious note, few "snacks" at the shack are quite the delight!

  • How could you possibly forget Vikram's ??

  • true…Vikram's a gr8 bfast haunt too…wats ur fav thing thr? i LOVE the maggi…xtra cheese!!! <3

  • @Doc…did u give the shawarmas a try yet???

  • Well written! Brings back memories. 🙂

  • @PD sir…which was YOUR fav haunt???

  • Lionel De

    Very succinctly put. Awesome. 🙂

    But i have one complaint. The shawarmas at dishes are better than the ones at hot spot. 😛
    Also add a lotta places, like the pasta at basil, beijing chilli chicken at CV, Chicken lollypop at dollops. 😀

  • @ lionel De: wats CV?

  • Yummy!!!!

  • Anonymous

    rather poor grammar. one should know, understand and appreciate the difference between a hastily typed text, and a 'post'.

  • @Anonymous
    i appreciate ur kind feedback.
    will work on my grammar skills.
    till then, y dont u try out some of the delectables.

  • As per the dictionary
    in Computers . send (a message) to a newsgroup. place (text) on a Web site.

    as long as I have pepl's taste bud's rolling, i give two hoots abt the grammar!

  • Anonymous

    bon appetit!! 🙂

  • All the menu suits normal manipalites.. Whats missing is the "Talk about people who generally have post dinner (Planet Cafe) .. and breakfast at 10.30 am (Vikrams)??"

  • iLoveBadGrammar

    The "ChocoBrownie Sundae" at Hangyo Saiba is truly awesome. Go Go Go foodies!

  • Anonymous

    ever missed ur breakfast and u happen to be in udipi, ?
    u can even visit in the evenings. its right opposite the KSRTC bus-stand at udipi
    try the shanti-sagar butter-rava-sada dosa!!!
    u wont be pleased with the ambience, but the food is simply amazing!!!

  • Anonymous

    Try KFC Chicken Burger fron PRAX….best burger in town…!!!

  • where's Uncle's point?

  • *stomach rumbling* ..i would rather call it thought for food! 😛

  • @yuhhui: Just take a walk from the Parota Point (near MIT) towards Ganesh Bag (well, you can tell the auto to take you to the umamaheshwari temple road). Keep an eye to the left. Its a small place.

  • @ the two anons..
    i shall def try the butter rava dosa and the Chk (KFC) frm PRAX
    i didnt know PRAX was gud, I am addicted to the ones frm PC!
    anyhw, keep posting!!!

  • Aman

    try d Paneer Kalimirchi nd Malai Kofta frm Hangyo CTF.
    it's GOOD!

  • @Aman…brings bk memories…
    bt it's deteriorated ovr the mths…

  • anon

    Perhaps as a seperate post, you could tell us the locations of these places.. I'm specially curious about the location of the amrita bakery and north mess, though having a comprehensive list of food outlets in manipal with short reviews would be the best thing

  • @Anon…keep an eye… my next posts shall be rewarding!

  • Nutella Pancakes RULE

  • Grrrrr….i wanna eat everything…vegetarian of course!

    But damn…manipal food…u forgot to mention the egg puff at Poly canteen

  • @Ria di… my personal fav are the pancakes too

    @Tushar… egg puff at polytech canteen??? havent tried tht out…
    will do so… and since wen did u turn veggie???

  • Alokeparna

    very nice.but u 4got 2 mention suresh mess 😛

  • @Aloke…well thr sure are certain someones who LOVE the chicken rice thr at 40 bucks!
    unfortunately, didnt make it to my list…

  • blogsarenottexts

    dear 'writer',

    do you know what's worse than being a not-so-good writer who thinks otherwise?

    Nothing. 🙂

    also, not uploading comments with negative feedback. love the pomp, hate the writing. adios!

  • Thanks for your kind feedback!
    u must be the guy who invented the blog, judgin by ur know-how…
    cheers, keep reading the MB, we have amazing writers to cater to ur specific needs!

  • Healthy and nutritious food is very important for maintaining a good health. Healthy food involves, regular and timely food, juices, nuts, snacks and much more.

    The Oreo shake in Planet cafe, is real good.
    Do yourselves a favour and have it next time.

    Sreyoshi, It's a nice post, that could have been much better!! 🙂

  • mandeep

    cafe coffee day!!! i love it!! the coffee and the place 🙂

  • @Vishaal: Thanks for your comment. Right you are, the Oreo shake is really good in PC.

    I am trying to get better with blogging. Giving it a try. Manipal blog is not for pros, right Vishaal? Its about normal people like u n me venting out their feelings. I did just that 😛

    Hearty apologies to all WRENs and MARTINs. Cheers to all the foodies!

  • Himanshu

    ok honestly
    fk this manipal food crap
    give me a link to something insightful deep

  • Anonymous

    I think i have a crush on blogarenottexts. <3

  • i love parota point!! and Cafe coffee day is one of my favorite places to hang out at!!! it reminds me of my unforgettable days in chandigarh!!

  • Anonymous

    KFC chicken burger at PRAX = awesome-ness!!!
    ty fr the suggest!!!

  • Alok

    Just had the best momos in Manipal.
    Aunty's Point next to BlackCup!
    go visit

  • Anonymous

    the Jack Shack burger at Snack Shack. Oh and the Malay Mystery with extra gravy! Yummy!

  • Anonymous

    where is uncle's point?

  • @Anon… i recapitulate, Just take a walk from the Parota Point (near MIT) towards Ganesh Bag (well, you can tell the auto to take you to the umamaheshwari temple road). Keep an eye to the left. Its a small place.

  • HotSpot: Grilled Chicken or Tandoori Chkn
    Dishes/LaSaani: Shawarma
    LaSaani: LFC (LaSaani Fried Chkn)
    Vikram's: Cheese french toast/Cheese Garlic Toast with Cheese Scrambled eggs
    Planet Cafe: Oreo shake and Planet Special Burger
    Prax: equally good as KFC is their Chkn Steak Burger

  • palav at satkar near the ex music world..try it out..gets over by 11.30 in the morning…

  • and vada sambhar at sheelas+ grilled veg sandwich at 7 bees….

  • @Aritra….awesome choices…sound tasty…will try fr sure!!!

    @Anil…i found the vada sambhar at Paangala to be much better…have u had them?
    will def try out the palav at satkar…though whr is it exactly???

  • Anonymous

    Chicken Peshawari at Hot Spot. Egg gravy with Kerala Parotha (speciality of this region)
    Cheese Nan at Dollops
    Schewuan Fried Rice and Tandoori at Hot n Cool
    Shawarma at Dishes is fantastic..They come in 2 kinds; one fully with chicken and the other has chicken with some vegetables..Tried only the chicken one and its simply gr8

    Among the smaller hotels, I love the ICC (Indian Chilly Chicken) and Fish at Manipal Canteen.

  • Anonymous

    how can u all people not talk about. 7 bees……there burgers are the yummiest of all.truly is a nice place …specially for vegetarians

  • Sreyoshi Indrani Bhaduri

    @Anon…tried and tested…the peshawari chkn at HOTSPOT- AWESOME!!!! <3 <3 <3

    wat and whr is ICC?

    @Veggie anon…7 Bees is one of my fav too.. luv the combos…ty fr remindin me!!!

  • Anonymous

    Where's Amita Bakery?

  • If you turn right to the road after Bombay Surgicals you will find Amita bakery! U must go there!

  • Anonymous

    heyyy…where is this coffee house place at? never come across it before and would love to try it out…

  • VB

    @Shreyosi ICC is not name of a place but rather a name of a dish at Manipal Canteen; ICC expands to Indian Chilly Chicken. This place is right opposite to Hangyo Saiba. Well, mind you, this is NOT the Manipal Restaurant but the Manipal Canteen. Also check out the Andhra chicken there. And the Mosambi (Sweet Lime) & Lime Juice there are also good.

    Recent addition to Manipal is the hotel Attill, near the Bajaj Showroom on Manipal Udupi Road. I loved the Chicken Urval, Pepper Chicken. Also it serves good biriyani, tandoori pomfret. The ambience is lovely.

    BTW, where can we get a good authentic Samosa in Manipal/Udupi? I tried quite a few places but was only half satisfied