On checking the ManipalBlog.com facebook page, I was astounded to see a perfect photograph of the Supermoon (as it is called) seen on the 19th of March this year. 

Clicked by Sajjad Fazel, the moon looks just majestic. Gosh, I wish I could capture such photographs some day. Anyways, here:

You can check more photographs by Sajjad Fazal on his facebook page. Click here.

Thanks for posting this on our wall Sajjad! :)

Signing off...


  1. This pic won 7th place in the world and 1st in india but I donno which competition. Here is my friend Mohamad's comment on it

    "fu*k the moon, in the pic you can see my room !" Just fun no offence of course.


  2. Thank you Sajjad for that beautiful photograph you shared on our Facebook Page - ManipalBlog on Facebook. We appreciate your support and you have an awesome collection of photgraphs in your album!! It is worth a visit!!


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