On checking the facebook page, I was astounded to see a perfect photograph of the Supermoon (as it is called) seen on the 19th of March this year. 

Clicked by Sajjad Fazel, the moon looks just majestic. Gosh, I wish I could capture such photographs some day. Anyways, here:
You can check more photographs by Sajjad Fazal on his facebook page. Click here.
Thanks for posting this on our wall Sajjad! πŸ™‚
Signing off…
  • Nice one πŸ™‚

  • This pic won 7th place in the world and 1st in india but I donno which competition. Here is my friend Mohamad's comment on it

    "fu*k the moon, in the pic you can see my room !" Just fun no offence of course.


  • Thank you Sajjad for that beautiful photograph you shared on our Facebook Page – ManipalBlog on Facebook. We appreciate your support and you have an awesome collection of photgraphs in your album!! It is worth a visit!!

  • just WOW!!!