Time and again, I tend to be soaked in these moments of calm and stable non-doing. I love this part of the day. I find my thoughts clearer and organised. You can say, I find answers, or rather they appear to me. Beautifully. Elegantly. Just like a lake which has just settled down after a slew of ripples. Clarity.
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     It was one of those moments in the chemistry lecture. I don't know how, but I have developed this knack of staying oblivious to what is happening around me. An art I have developed over countless chem classes, don't know if I should thank the lecture or the lecturer. More often than not, thoughts settle down, calmness seeps, and an air of introspection grows on me. I can affirmatively say, that a lot has productively emerged out of these classes and contemplations, apart from Chemistry of course.
    I feel obliged to put up what I feel are one of my truest and most unadulterated views on things which have taken form in these pensive hours. Keep watching this space for my next post.



  1. Huh! Don't tell me you wrote this after class hours :P ...

  2. OF course I din't! I wrote this DURING today's Chem class! :P

  3. haha...and believe me, though i hope my prediction goes wrong...by the time you reach 3rd year, every other class will become a "chem class" !


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