Life around me always kept fluctuating. I saw different colours of life but none of the colour inspired me as much as the BLACK. The dark face of life always has some depth and hidden beauty in it. Whatever surrounds me always had something to say. It’s the coincidence that sometimes I was deaf and the other time they were dumb.

My country, my parents, my siblings, my friends, my teachers and my so called love, these surrounds me always along with the unusual and strange image of nature.

I don’t care about the motherland, who gave me the identity, the base of life, the protection and the freedom. My country gave me everything she should, even more than that- the PRIDE. She is the one who enlightened my path throughout the black forest. But I don’t care

I don’t care about my parents, who gave me life, who did everything for my future. They took the burden of my past and present with a smile without any return of it. Their bondings of love which always held me tight enough to withstand any storm in this inevitable ups & downs called life. But I don’t care.

I don’t care about my siblings, whose love grew exponentially with time. They cared about me so much that I felt safe enough under their shades. They guided me through the harsh waves of life. They helped me out of every situation. But I don’t care.

I don’t care about my friends, who were there for me whenever I needed, who held my hand tight enough when I told them to leave, who stretched my lips even when my eyes were dry and heart flooded with sorrow and grief. But I don’t care.

I don’t care about my teachers, who sketched my future so bright, who supported my backbone of education and hence my future, who gave me the source of light to go a long way in this black forest of life. But I don’t care.
I never cared about anything in my life that surrounded me. It’s just a hollow, gloomy, dull and scary image on canvas, about whom I cared. “Is it correct, that the feeling which you have for others need not be the same from the other side?” I asked this question from that image and the answer was a long silence. It cleared the situation. Feelings are one-sided. You just feel and don’t expect the same.

I don’t care about life. I don’t care about feelings. I don’t care about heart and soul of mine. I don’t care about any nuances’ of this globe. This means no one care about me if I can’t care about anything.

Carings, feelings, emotions, sentiments- all these words just lead to an unknown land of confusion and weakness, where everyone is as happy as a kid with an apple in his hand but no teeth.


  1. This is our generation- sans love, sans richness of soul. It comes with practice and everyone can try. You either live life believing its a miracle or you live lifelessly. Personally, I feel it's much better to live having lots of faith, hope and love. Let's try. Let's give it a try!

  2. Bhaskar! is this really you?

    The post is EXTREMELY deep and insightful, man! never wondered such a dark post would come from you!!!

    coming to the point:

    sad, but true. THIS is how most of us, the new generation, think. We don't give a damn to whats happening around us. See a beggar sitting beside the road? hand him a rupee or two, and forget about it. When it comes to taking active steps? we back out.

    i have LOTS to say about this man, so i'll just stop here. the post is really moving, man. makes a lot of room for introspection.

    i still can't believe it's coming from you. awesome work, man!

  3. I can never respect anyone who does not care for his parents. Shame on you.

  4. i think there is some misconception abt the contents. let me clear my point.
    1. see the title-"I DO CLEAR".this is true feeling.the content is jst a comment or u can say irony over the truth.
    2. i xplained the facts and den said "i don't care".isn't it obvious dat if a person thinks abt somthing in such a manner then dere must be some feelings attached 2 it.
    3. i don't want spoon-feeding. so i thought if these points r quite obvious ,then let the reader think abt the points and den conclude.
    4. i don't think some of u guys took in the right sense.
    5. now as i cleared my point ,so i think its quite obvious dat i care about each & every bit of thing dat i mentioned specially my parents.
    6 i really don't care about someone's respect for me without any background of knowledge.

  5. in my previous comment dere is 1 mistake ,its nt "I DO CLEAR" bt its"I DO CARE"
    plzzz make it d change...........:-)

  6. @ anonymous sir i think i made my point. but still i want u 2 read my post "FEELINGS OVERFLOWN".
    my style of writing is different.i m not writing any autobiography where I means myself. here I symbolises a group of people.
    i wanna ask u a question , y u pointed only parents, y not the motherland?u care abt ur parents but u don't care abt ur country?
    at last i jst wanna say dat never ever questions anybody's feeling abt their parents(specially) widout knowing the person.
    u sud read each & every word of my posts carefully bcoz every word has its meaning which may not be visible by naked eye....

  7. @Anonymous: you are hereby warned not to make personal attacks. Any more comments of the sort would be subject to immediate deletion.


  8. hey..
    i loved your post! its deep, moving and sadly, TRUE!
    its not about this generation. its something more universal.
    you end up wasting your time,energy and feelings over someone who doesnt bother about you rather than those who would bend backwards just to make sure you are FINE!
    dont you think so?

  9. hey..
    i loved your post! its deep, moving and sadly, TRUE!
    its not about this generation. its something more universal.
    you end up wasting your time,energy and feelings over someone who doesnt bother about you rather than those who would bend backwards just to make sure you are FINE!
    dont you think so?

  10. @ 1989 / anonymous.... truely said. but what i really feel about feeling is that it's something inevitable and irresistable. even knowing the fact that u r wasting ur everything wat so ever ,then also u will feel for som1 for whom u used 2.
    and ya dere is 1 irony that most of d tym we miss our feeling for som1 who deserves it. dis feeling is really a vague and complex element created by d Almighty.


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