The Holy Radiance
"AIIMS-2010 (Not qualified)
AFMC-2010(Not qualified)
JIPMER-2010(Not qualified)
And the list goes on and on...
ENAT-2010(QUALIFIED) Okay..."

A checklist of unsuccessful stories with only one feather in cap. Manipal it is!

From north to south, a landlocked zone to the peninsula, a totally different lifestyle and what not? These are few of 'in the mind' I had before and while travelling to the Deccan Plateau, more precisely the Western Ghats. You could have an idea by now how deep was I thinking about this new era 'The Manipala Vista'.

Scholars Influx :
The month of July, almost drawn to its end and it is monsoon in most part of South. Manipal welcomed us on wet grounds(since it was pouring), the all drenched look, no scent heavier than the damp whiff of mud.  Manipal University awaited the arrival of its lately enrolled students.And  made it to the 'Orientation Session' first day. Interacted with soon going-to-be alter egos as well as came to know about chief personalities, would like to mention one, 'The Chief Warden', who reminded me of one of the impressive bollywood retro actor Late.Amrish Puri and I couldn't remain silent without whispering that one word-Mogambo!(I guess many of us know by now that the term is so apt). No pun intended.

Next task being to delve a bit deeper and uncover some of Manipal's secrets, the place had in store for us.

Started off with an early morning excursion to Manipal end point, and was amazed to see nature in its most alluring attitude. The early morning sun, hovering clouds, the grass underneath my feet which added to the comfort of mind.For that moment, it felt like heaven. And then the sudden cloudburst, no mirror better to provide the sky's agony.

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  1. A very honest and touching description of a new-comer's entry into the Manipal-fold. Especially liked the Chief Warden's portrayal!

  2. Cheif warden as Amrish Puri!! Lol :D Good1!!

  3. Waiting for version 2!! :) Nice depiction!

  4. @Anonymous 1: Thank You so much. And from the above comments I should say that the Chief Warden is on the minds of many, haha.

    @Tanmay: :D Thanks.

    @Anonymous 2: Sure thing!:)


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