One of the best Sunrise experiences!

Scenes like this can be mesmerizing to any sane human being!

Get up early. When I say early, I mean around three thirty in the morning. If you dig a coffee this early get it done yourself and get ready to set out. Because the place I am going to tell you is made for sunrises. If anyone loves mornings and has always wanted to have a good sunrise experience living in Manipal I suggest you shouldn’t miss this place for life. The place is called Kundadri Hill and is located on the way to Thirthalli from Agumbe. Reach Agumbe and it is around fifteen kms from there.

Any local can give you the directions. But there is a catch and that is you need to be strict on yourself and reach there before 6.00 Am sharp. So leave home by 3.30 or 4 max. It is a good two hours of ride from Manipal. Even though I have been there a lot of times in early mornings I don’t have good pictures. So to give a glimpse of what you are going to find there, I am uploading some of my friend’s pictures here. So let the pictures do all the talking..

Another awesome spectacle! It feels like you are floating in the heavens 🙂
The Sun is about to rise and bathe the valley with sunshine!
The pics were taken by Srikar Agnihotram!
  • Awesome Awesome pictures! Makes me regret not coming across this place before! Would love to travel here, just for those awesome scenes 🙂

  • Speechless…
    I will definitely visit this place!

  • Yes its one hell of a place! Oh and i forgot to mention that there is a Jain temple on top which is around 800 years old !

  • *struck in awe* AMAZING!! i think you would have had a heavenly experience..

  • Yeah I did! Any one on top there at that moment would! no doubt on that !

  • awe-inspiring, man! would LOVE to go there!

  • Brilliant stuff! I have been to Kundadri, but since I take public transport, have never seen anything like this.