If you're interested in reading how the Saturday and Sunday bird-walks were, please check: Manipal Birding

The Oriental Garden Lizard (Calotes Versicalor) is amongst the most handsome reptiles of Manipal. Found all across Asia, luckily it is quite abundant in our town :-)

It is identified by it's size, and long tail and general built. Although it is found in various colors, they have all to do with the age and sex of the lizard and climatic factors - and not the background it is against. Although the male does undergo color change during breeding season. This quality wrongly leads to people thinking that it's a chameleon and hence, it's often known by its false name - "girgit" (in Hindi atleast).

This gorgeous lizard is certainly my favorite photographic subject and I would like to share a few of my images that I quite like:

(please click on them to view in bigger size :-)

And that is all :-)

If you're interested in reading how the Saturday and Sunday bird-walks were, please check: Manipal Birding


P.S. The title has been edited (alas! I had used the wrong one previously, guess one should not write articles with sleep taking over at 4 in the morning!)


  1. that was informative! I dint even know this exotic type existed...neat work

  2. Informative!


    Could you tell me if the one in the above picture is the same lizard...?

  3. hey! you've clicked pretty nice pictures!
    the last one actually looks like a serious fire-breathing dragon.

    AWESOME work!

  4. Thanks for the appreciation :-)

    @ Aditya: Yes, it's the same. The spines running down the back are also characteristic.


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