In case you haven't seen any of these unbelievable clips before, then you haven't experienced the thrill of Indian movies. Long before the Chinese movies became mainstream with "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", we Indians have been making movies that were mind numbing, in your face, Super-Action, laugh-riots! I have chosen, what I believe are the Top Five movie scenes that defy logic (most of these are from the South Indian movies), though many of the Sunny Deol movies deserve a mention here, I haven't gone into any of them (they deserve a post on their own), and Rajani fans, there can be volumes of such posts, so please pardon me :).

At Number 5: A Man who can kick his way out of any trouble!

If this man played soccer, India would not only participate in the World Cup, but they would win it every time. And the world would rejoice.

At Number 4: Putting Superman to Shame, without batting an eyelid!

This man is shot in the chest, and NOT ONLY does the bullet deflect off his chest with a "ping" sound (scorching his shirt slightly, of course), but it flies back and takes out the man who shot it. Genius.

At Number 3: The End Justifies the means, literally!!

What do you do when you run out of bullets?? Watch the end of this scene to see how minds work :)

At Number 2: If you had a superpower, what would it be??

Wish I could move objects at my will!!

And the Number 1 Movie scene that defies logic and makes us go crazzzy is -

Please watch this video to see a man put every single scene in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift to shame. Just absolute, complete shame. Sure, they drifted every kind of Japanese car under the sun. What do they drift in Alluda Mazaaka? Friggin' HORSES.

What's next? Well, for some reason instead of snapping their fingers and wielding knives they comb their hair with, in India what they do is ride tractors around in swamps. So, after a rigorous swamp chase, the second scene of this video comes to a climax after the protagonist finishes splashing everyone in the face. Wait for it... right? Absolutely amazing.

Who scenes do you think were the most hilarious and why? Write your comments below and share the vids with our readers! Thanks in Advance..and just 'Like' it..!!!


  1. Good ones.Really hilarious.Waiting for is looking like clown in trailers..

  2. @Anonymous: Never been a fan of SRK. He has only one look for all scenes, that of a duck!


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