Who is in your charismatic smile?
the smile that sent my sanity to exile...
sitting beside you listening to music
music-your voice;yet resolutely stoic...

i don't understand what between us flows
do you have to repeat what my heart knows?
yet,my girl,do not remain silent...
thrill me;enthral me,feel me relent...
tempt me with your deepest desires
i'll worship thee with the bluest sapphires!

i'd look at you though you say no...
coz you are the net that traps me whither i go.
please lessen the distance between us
weaken my resolve through my crust

we're two equal halves of love
two lovebirds on an oaktree bough

if you're the invisible arrow...
i'll be the sweet sorrow.
if you're the unheard melody...
i'll be the unwritten rhapsody.
if you're heaven's ladder...
i'll come down and be thy lover.
if you're the summer...
i'll be the cool moonlight.
if you're the trance...
i'll be the enamoured.

thus on and on i'll love you...
now look up into my eyes' hue ....


  1. Alluring and innocently seductive lines- "please lessen the distance between us...weaken my resolve through my crust" :P I think the 'unwritten rhapsody' finally got penned down into this beautifully rhythmic love song. A charming composition for any valentine :)

  2. A warm, satisfied feeling flows though me as I recieve the accolades from a senior poet! All I can say is that I'm glad!


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