This should've been posted last week but with UTSAV in the week I had no time. Just finsihed uploading all the pics.  Check here.

I would like to describe how it feels to be a part of it. To see something like that in a place like Manipal, but my words fail me.  My try nonetheless!

I mean the dedication of these individuals is amazing to see. I recall the time when we used to go to the old Pharmacy building? (the one next to the greens fountains) to pray on Sundays. Moving on to the house near MIT an now the new place next to Manipal Lake. Fact that there is a full time Granthi Ji staying there. I recall how they made sure of that.

Then the yearly celebrations of Vaisakhi.  It's done so well.  There is a hall booked.
People sign up for "seva" much before.

Organized a proper place for Shoes to be left
There is proper paath (puja) that is done.  An to top it off a complete Gatka. I'd never see it before as such for me like I'll assume many others it's a pleasure to watch.

There is of course a full langar

The one thing that really amazes me though?  The number of people that Congregate together.  The number of Sikh's that you see. You never see so many otherwise.  :)  The complete set of pics are here.

Well done.  An hats off to the organizers.  MAHE Sikh Students Association, Manipal.



  1. Hit Hai Yaaaar! Oye Balle Balle!!!

    But seriously, my respect for today's Manipal increases manifold for its multi-culturalim.


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