Sometime all two of us getting in a conflict on facebook saying each other jokes and other people liking it. I just wanting to tell you nothing personal its joke only yaar. You calling me stupid and I calling you baboon and then I laughing and you deleting me from friend list. I just wanting to ask you - Why you take to heart ? We just having fun and you taking to heart and crying wetting your keyboard and taking it for repair and all. If you hurt at heart then I call sorry infront of everyone but friendship is a large thing no , not to take off for joking reasons. These things keep on happen ,today I call you baboon tomorrow someone else call you baboon so will you delete your facebook account only ? now tell na ? tell ? tell ?

Facebook is not as large as friendship no , only 500 million users na. I always thought of your friendship to be very big large and today for baboon you deleting me from facebook I also feeling bad na I human only not baboon.

Today my previous eX friend coming and asking why I not friends with you I reply not saying but that will not run forward na ? You showing you happy but I also knowing you wanting to add me as your friendlist is small then why you becoming jackie chan and fighting ? from this people commenting only benefiting, they laughing and we not laughing when we craked the joke in the first.

So think across narrow frindlist and send me a friend request and lets both alone make it very large (friendship not facebook)

PS : My linguistic capabilities are not as bad. This is intentional humor .
PS 2 : Totally inspired by Local Tea Party
PS 3 : Some useless junk to make up for the matter not related to anyone.


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