Wordless Wednesdays: Photograph of the week

Our first Wordless Wednesday’s Photograph of the Week Submitted by Mukul Raisinghani.  A picture is worth a thousand words seems apt here.

Lets roll another joint of our dreams and aspirations

Mukul’s Words:

This caption is a sarcasm for those who smoke and indulge in such activities, I want them to have a look at their ashes of joints and cigarettes and just try to see their dreams and aspirations getting burnt in them. just want them to make a choice whether to wake up by watching themselves burn or roll another joint. 

  • The caption is just awesome!!

  • deep! Nice one Mukul..

  • thank you lalith and tanmay

  • Wonderful image, Mukul. The caption has the punch and it all makes for every pleasant and deep viewing.

  • thank you Ramit…. your appreciation is really special…!!!!