We ran the Illuminati 2011 annual contest between March and  May 2011, and received over 200 entries in the poetry and and short story sections. Many of those had to be rejected because of not following some of the rules of the competition. A final list of 90 Poems and 19 Short Stories made it to the voting and judging stages of the competition, and after the long process of tallying the scores and votes, the results are as follows...

Popular Poems Category: 

First Prize      (Rs. 1500): Saswata Ghosh - To the Hands Withdrawn
Second Prize (Rs 1000): Praneeth Madhira - Murder of My Adolescence
Third Prize (Rs 750):      Ramya Sriram - Over

Popular Stories Categories:

First Prize (Rs 1500): Sai Krishna Koppulu - How I Met my dream girl!
Second Prize (Rs 1000): Abhilasha Kumar - Magnets
Third Prize (Rs. 750): Manish Parashar - In memory

Critics Choice Award:
Poetry (Rs.1000): Kanika Mishra - Of Love. and Love Lost
Short Story (Rs1000): Debalina Haldar - By-Lane Dreamers

Appreciation Prizes (Vouchers e-gift vouchers worth Rs 300 each from Flipkart):

1. Udita Banerjee - To Manipal, My Muse
2. Ojaswini Srivastava - Changes
3. Utkarsh Tripathi - A Silent Curse
4. Kamakshi Subramanian -  I remember
5. Vikramjit Ray - Neon

Note: We decided to give away a Critics Choice award in both sections as we did not want to do injustice to the immense talent of the two writers. Winners please mail us  - admin@manipalblog.com , with details of how you would like to receive your prizes. Appreciation prize winners, please confirm your email ids by mailing us the same. You will be sent your flipkart e-gift vouchers via email. more details about the e-gift vouchers can be read by clicking here and scrolling down to the relevant section on Gift voucher.

ManipalBlog congratulates all the winners. Also watch out for the Monsoon Photography contest which will open on July 15th!


  1. Congratulations to all the winners! Nd to those who din make it, better luck for the next time! :)


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