Why Sponsor ManipalBlog.com?  

First and foremost, members of ManipalBlog.com will represent your company both online and offline with integrity, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

ManipalBlog.com  is one of the largest Student managed websites in Manipal.  More than 90 Bloggers from all the institutes of Manipal, and also a few from Malaysia and Nepal write for us! Sponsoring the Blog helps us maintain ManipalBlog.com as a webspace that students and prospective students look forward to each day and lets us continue to grow the site bigger and better .  By sponsoring ManipalBlog.com, you help ensure that residents of Manipal will have an enjoyable experience and explore Manipal in a welcoming environment.

Depending on your level of sponsorship, we can offer:

  • Advertising throughout the Website – Ad size and placement depending on level of sponsorship. Interested in a specific space? Just Ask!
  • To list you as a Sponsor on the Website, in all interviews, in the signature of team members who post, and additional opportunities.
  • Additional help in promoting your company and/or products Just Ask!

What do you get?
1. Your logo  on the website.
2. The privilege to speak openly about your products on the blog, in the comments.
3. The opportunity to introduce yourself, your company and new products on the blog.
4. Your own forum to deal with members, regarding your product(s) or website.
5.  A link to your website
Let’s Talk!

How will sponsorship benefit my company/organization?

  • Opportunity to publicize to a large audience  (80,000 pageviews every month, more than 3000 pageviews everyday) 
  • Increase your product and service awareness among the youth of Manipal and India 
  • Target your marketing efforts to college students and the Facebook culture 
  • 18-25 year old Students are a growing demographic with demonstrated purchasing power who usually follow market trends 
  • Our audience  on the whole are more educated and have more spending power than other demographics 
  • Capture in one place a normally scattered market (MIT, KMC, TAPMI etc) 

We appreciate any and all support that we receive.  We have prepared the levels of sponsorship (to those who are interested) as suggestions and outlines of several sponsorship packages.  If these packages don’t suit your needs or wishes, we would be more than willing to discuss with you an arrangement that will.  Above all, we feel that sponsorship can be mutually beneficial, and we’d like to work with you to realize both our goals.

Additionally, if you are interested in sponsoring a specific aspect of the blog, such as a weekly column, a contest on a particular theme, our hosting charges etc., or if you are interested in contributing more than the suggested levels in our packages and would like to discuss larger sponsorship options, please let us know, and we can provide you with our projected expenses and needs.

For sponsorship packages please use the Contact Us form, or simply mail to admin@manipalblog.com, with Sonsorship opportunities as the subject line.