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Sticky Weather!!!!!!!!

March 6, 2011 nj 2

This is the worst time of the year in Manipal. With University’s around the corner and the weather not aiding the situation either it becomes even more difficult for the students. This weather is the […]


Them Clones and Faridkot in Manipal!

March 6, 2011 Aditya Kamath 0

In just a few days, Manipal will witness perhaps one of the biggest engineering college cultural fest in India – Revels 2011! And after that spectacular performance by Parikrama (I saw the YouTube videos, I […]


Food Court Atrocities, ‘Coupon Boss!’

March 3, 2011 Lalith Nag 12

It’s an awesome thing that our very own MIT Food Court is in-sync with modern technology unlike most other messes, what with combo-card access using electronic machines! Our boss has become kewl, to say the least.But […]


What we did last Thursday

February 21, 2011 Lalith Nag 1

Camera, check. Passes, check. Even as we entered the lawns of Valley View hotel, we were in for a surprise as the red and blue colors of the French greeted us. It was “Soiree Francaise” […]

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The (Tech)Weekend that was.

February 7, 2011 whiteguardian 2

The large flexes over Kamath circle.The attractive mascots.The irresistible aromas from the food stalls. The water balloon fights. The tensed organizers. The tired volunteers.The nerve wracking contests. The pride. The disappointments. The jubiliation. The frustration. […]


Vertigo by Red-x club, Manipal

February 7, 2011 Lalith Nag 2

If you were wondering why people were standing outside the library and staring at the sky on a sunday evening, the Red-x club of Manipal, organised two exciting, and thrilling events Wall Rappelling and River Crossing as […]


A Disturbed Night

February 7, 2011 Aditya Kamath 3

Vote for me now! Blogomania 2011 sponsored by – India‚Äôs Leading portal to find apartments for sale and apartments for rent I was happy. The IEEE, Manipal TechWeekend was over. For one thing, it […]

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The Balloon Fight

February 5, 2011 Aditya Kamath 5

It was a long dark corridor, a light displaying an outline of its end. Green lights flickered from the tops at regular intervals. The atmosphere was dank, the air was moist with humidity. The place […]


Attendance Woes by Shrey Dhawan

February 4, 2011 Shrey Dhawan 4

Attendance is defined as the physical presence of a student in a class room with or usually without mental presence, decided by the saying of the phrase “YES SIR” in response to a number tagged […]