The woes of Mr.Boss and Mrs.Akka

August 17, 2011 Tanmay Tiwari 5

Finally! There is something that actually tensed a Manipal shopkeeper. Mr. Boss was living a life of luxury with his wife Mrs. Akka, the reason being their shop, which was running quite successfully till the […]


A Raindrop in the Ocean

July 2, 2011 Prajakta 1

I feel love , when I see those little dew drops on the delicate petals of the The sky is God’s canvas, the spectacular colours beautifully add to the serenity of the flowing river. dahlia […]


Rain continues…

June 27, 2011 Ish 0

Manipal is known for its never ending rain.Heck,sorry and also for it’s educational institutions. Manipal welcomes everyone with its wonderful rain as monsoon is the time of admission in Manipal University. I’m in love with […]

No Picture


April 16, 2011 Avinash Pullela 2

I believed this phenomenon to be the most cursed climatic scenarios mankind faced when i was 10 as it constantly kept me indoors and used to eat up my summer vacations…The common line of the […]


The Romantic Manipal Monsoons !

April 11, 2011 meenakshi 2

When it Rains in Manipal!! When the first drop of rain falls from the divine abode above,you just cant help drinking in the beauty ! Can you smell the dirt turf raise with the further […]


Rain again!

April 11, 2011 Devasrita Dash 0

It was just yesterday when it rained in Manipal.. The rainy cool-cool effect din’t last very long though..Today morning it was indeed pleasant but as soon as the time started burning out, the “Mighty Sun” […]


First rains arrive in Manipal!

April 10, 2011 Tanmay Tiwari 2

First clouds as seen from my room… Ominous signs!! It was just yesterday when I was thinking about the arrival of rains in Manipal. And lo!! I am watching the rains as I write this. […]