Below are some of the features our readers/authors (critics ? ) can expect as some of you might enjoy. However ManipalBlog does not take any kind of guarantee that listed features will be implemented at some point of time as we are constantly updating our priorities and response to popular demands. Enjoy !

#1 Facebook comments
Are you missing out on comments because you don’t prefer the classical comment system.We might surprise you soon.

We are glad to introduce to you all the facebook comments system which is live on the blog! We have also kept the older comment form too!

#2 User post on homepage
Did you post and checked back only to find out there is already another post at the homepage ? Section heads will ensure that doesn’t happen and all the posts get an almost equal share

#3 New layout
We are anticipating it as much as you.We are looking out for people for this you can contact us if you have an offer in mind.

#4 New competitions
How about a photography competition ?

#5  Event calender
Never miss any event in manipal at the same time user posts are no longer shadowed by event alerts.Let the bloggers blog

#6 Cartoons
Fancy cartooning ? There will be no separate section for this one but they might be randomly displayed in the blog.Everywhere !

#7 Manipal tips
Whom to contact when you need to sell something ? Which is the best site for news in Manipal ? How can you get the printing job done if you are on a slightly lesser budget ?

#8 Tie ups among students
You can design websites but don’t really have an idea ? You have an idea but donno how to design a website ? Leave it to us.

#9 Your suggestion
You remember what you suggested us last night don’t you ? We are right on it !

To accelerate any of these you can send a direct mail to us using contact tab or leave your own suggestions here. Even the smallest suggestion is a great help to us and is much appreciated


  1. Thanks Dr Bhat for uploading the Euro Buzz. It is a wonderful encouragement to the students of MESM program and spreading the message about everything they do and learn about Europe on daily basis.

  2. I think one of the living legends of Manipal is the World Renowned Celebrity Chef, Author, Filmmaker, Humantarian and more more is Vikas Khanna. He truly highlights his years in Manipal and how it has shaped his life. Vikas lives in New York and is a very active public figure.

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