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“You cannot teach a man anything
You can help him discover it within himself”

Personality is the core thing that keeps a man in the position of a winner. All human beings are born with equal capabilities but this personality is the basic aspect that differentiates a winner from others.

Personality has an interesting derivation. It can be traced to the Latin words ‘per sona‘ which are translated as ‘to speak through’.

This Latin word was used to denote the masks worn by actors in ancient Greece and Rome. Common usage of the word emphasizes the roles which the person (actor) displays to the public. In general, the word personality means how people affect others and how they understand and view themselves, as well as their pattern of inner and outer feelings and the person-situation interaction.

There are five main personality traits that influence a man

 1. Extraversion: sociable, talkative and assertive
2. Agreeableness: good-natured, cooperative and trusting
3. Conscientiousness: Responsible, dependable, persistent and achievement-oriented
4. Emotional Stability: Often viewed from a negative perspective
5. Openness to experience: Imaginative, artistically sensitive and intellectual

The above-said traits reflect a man’s personality in relation to society. There are factors which are very personal like

Self-concept: understanding themselves.
Self-esteem: self-perceived competence and self-image.
Self-efficacy: Self-perceptions of how well a person can cope with the situations as they arise.

There are nobody called born winners. Every winner is raised among us. No winner does a different thing, but they do things differently. This personality is the thing that helps them to do so.

So friends discover the strong personality in you and prove that we are Born to Win.

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