Our favourite morning breakfast.we get it on tuesdays and fridays in BQ-mess.Idea to write about it jmumped into ma mind yesterday only.There is a small story behind it.While having dinner monday night ma collegues and friends were making fun of mine as inspite of being fairly handsome i’m yet single!![Well, I too, admit that being single in a campus like manipal is definately strange.Either you are highly uninterested(that again seems rare) or you are too busy(not a case with me) or you are quite new here(at last i found a reason)!!]

So, coming back to story.My collegues reached my threshold(they usually succeed in it).I tried to still them with a threat of going to Himalaya in god,s lap tuesday morning.As expected they said go right now-why to wait tom morning.Guess ma ans to that!!I said “No, I will have bread-butter tom morning n than go!!”suddenly the whole table turned into a big laugh.we like it that much as compared to other stuff available in mess.By d way, see how smart I am to turn the topic with laugh on all faces.So, I possess all characteristic to get entangled into affairs!!N will be v soon in all those.What se?

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