Oh Karnataka !

Karnataka – A state blessed by mother nature’s bounty and which hosts some of the best brains in the country at Bangalore, still languishes among the backward states of the country in terms of infrastructure, literacy and economy.

Though it houses approximately 50 % of the software companies operating out of India and though it is blessed with Mineral ores and a good medieval history, there is a vast differential between what the state is and what it can achieve, if only the people came together against the politics of Caste played by the present set of politicians.

Election after election the same politicians, led by the “Sleeping” Ex-Prime Minister of India, and a few activist groups have divided this peaceful state along caste lines and yet call themselves Secular.

There have never been Leaders in the true sense. Someone who could shed the politics of Caste, corruption and lead this state to its destiny.

Kerala to the south has been making progress, Calling itself ‘God’s Own country’. The Government of Andhra Pradesh to the east has always been strong and under the able leadership of Chandrababu Naidu has managed to provide an alternative to Bengalooru for the software companies in the form of CYBERABAD.

Tamil Nadu with its 65% reservation policy has pushed all the “Untouchable Brahmins” out of Chennai and into Bengalooru and yet has managed to fight for its farmers successfully. Goa to the north party’s 365 days a year as tourists throngthe state, filling it’s coffers year after year.

And yet with all the natural beauty of the Western Ghats, the splendours of the Vijaynagar kingdom at the World Heritage site at Hampi, the architectureof the Mysore palace and various monuments of tourist attractions spread across the state, only a trickle of tourists visit the state.

Why is this so?

Year after year, the roads wear down into dirt tracks. Illegal mining is carried out by various ministers and their cronies. Developmental activities are stalled because it hinders some ministers interests. There is poorlinkage between various cities through railway tracks as it will hit business of some Minister who runs a network of buses/trucks.

Each year the corporators and ministers will visit either singapore or Japan or some such country to study their transport model or their Garbage disposal models or some such things. Each year they will conclude that,we cannot adopt the same model here.

Draining the economy has been easy thus far. With each election there is a hung assembly allowing for horse trading and bickering within and outside the political parties. Coalition governments are formed and taken apart within days creating mayhem.

Naturally the governance is hampered and development and the interests of the state andits populace is put on hold. When a new government is formed it blames the previous ones for all the misery, but when it’stermcomes to an end, the situation is worser still

The only thing left to say is “Devure Kappada appa”.

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