Time we saved the nation

It is time for the citizens to introspect on the way the country is being hijacked by so called democrats and secularists.

We should now understand that there are only three classes of citizens — the haves, the have-nots and the trishankus . The first class has the philosophy of taking everything from the system. In many families, members join different political parties and remain in power irrespective of the outcome of the elections! They and their coterie occupy important government jobs and get into the power-building and moneymaking businesses.

They use the have-nots to remain in power and they do not allow this class of people to be educated and capable of taking decisions on their own. This lowest rung is a goldmine to power-hungry politicians in our country.

Trishanku class is sometimes used and exploited, sometimes rewarded well and generally controlled by the haves. This class has its own ambitions and capability. But generally, people of this class lack courage and become convenient tools in the hands of power-hungry haves. This class is faceless in our society.

All these classes play their games and spend little or no time to think about the country as a whole. This has resulted in the present sorry state of affairs.

Under the present system, in future, the castes and sub castes will multiply manifold and the caste system will be a permanent factor of our secular society. This is evident from the ever-expanding list of castes the government machinery is compiling time and again.

In the last five decades, politicians of this country have built a big labyrinth of corruption, nepotism, bribery, dishonesty, unaccountability, arrogance, self-aggrandizement and falsehood. They have become modern day chakravarthys. They are only concerned that somebody will threaten their strong position.

By raking up these issues time and again, they ensure that the common man sinks deeper into the labyrinth of misery. When survival becomes difficult for the common man, anyone giving him any form of support (even to breathe) becomes a hero! It is a frightening situation. The only way for the ordinary citizen is to think and be guided by his conscience and the good of our great nation. He should stop accepting the cunning sops thrown by our netas, be proud and try to understand the value of existence.

We are one people of a great nation and no force should divide us.

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