What is known as night canteen here is open only from 9 30 pm to 11 pm!!What I feel is, there should be 24hrs canteen or at least a tea-coffee machine in the medical hostels since people need to read (and they do read), till late and as they are no exception to human species they need a coffee break in between.
Yesterday I intended to read till late.Anticipating some yawning later on i went to have coffee at 11 without a desire for it.Now here it doesn’t serve the main purpose of a pleasurable break at the middle of a reading.Rather it was an obligation!!
After returning i went to Dr Vijay to blow of my thoughts before he suggested a good alternative in the form of coffee-bite!So keep some toffees with you for late night binge-readings!!It is cheaper and perhaps better alternative to coffee.I wonder why there is no tea-bite in the market till date in spite of it being quite a popular drink in India.

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