The Ram Sethu Controversy

The center first stopped work on building the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya and now it is working on ways to destroy the Ram Sethu or the Adam’s bridge. The central government is bent upon destroying this historic landmark to create the Sethu Samudram Canal which will link the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian sea.

Even though the Security agencies and the environmentalists are voicing concern over this project the Government is not paying heed to theor concern. The Security agencies point out that opening of this channel would create a passage for foreign ships to enter into the Indian territorial waters and also increase the influence of the American navy, which though is friendly at the moment.

The Environmental experts and Geologists point out that Destruction of the Adam’s Bridge would expose the southern peninsula to natural calamities such as Tsunamis and also destroy the vibrant marine life in the region.

The same government which spend thousands of crores of rupees in the name of preserving our national culture and monuments is now destroying the Ram Sethu, which is a part of our vibrant culture and mythology.

It is time the Government listens to the growing concern among the people regarding this project.

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