Seminar tricks

Making education interesting by one or the other way has a huge positive implication in listeners.And that is what I am anticipating while preparing my for my seminar presentation on ‘pharmacogenetics’ in the department on 8th of September.Well, as far as I know people’s interest in genetics follows all or none law-that is those who are really interested find it really interesting while others consider it a boring most and the latter group by far outweighs the previous one.And so I am looking for some tricks for making it interesting to listen and understand.Of course, basic principles of seminars like inclusion of charts, diagrams and algorithms I am going to include but something extra over and above it is needed for topics like this.That is associating educational stuff with some funny articles or stories or pictures.That will create a visual memory and association memory and ultimately making the topic easy to remember.Any more tricks if anyone has please feed back me.It will be appreciated.