Caramel custard

As I have told frequently in previous posts I am a great food lover, especially ice creams and deserts.But till few days back, I was deprived of one of the great desert stuff that is caramel custard!Last week, my roomy dragged me to ‘Sai parivar’-a very well known restaurant in udupi, though quite costly.’Sai parivar’ restaurant is a part of ‘The ‘paalkhi’ group of restaurants in mangalore and run by the same people.’Paalkhi’ in itself is much famous in mangalore for quality , test and of course for the cost!!but you know what?Though initially resistant for dinner outing, after finishing I was extremely happy that i was dragged here.The best parts were the soup, starters and of course caramel custard.Ending my complements for that restaurant, I would just say that make a visit to ‘sai parivar’ or valley view (the best restaurant in manipal and located in the university campus)when you happen to come to manipal

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