Fully Loaded

My assumptions of being free totally for sometime after a hectic Saturday due to seminar and garba are not working out.In fact for some or the other reason I am unable to catch up with even my routines!!Today morning only I realized the load I am under.Supposed to reach dpt by 8 30 I woke up at 9 only!!Then ran through the way to dpt after finishing of the daily formalities.To the best of my luck I could sign in the register without being asked for any explanation.And of course i didn’t have any genuine one.Anyway once in a while this type of mistakes are acceptable.I have learned from it.

but you know what I feel is 24 hrs a day are more than enough for any amount of workload provided you are organizing and prioritizing it.Anyway full use of 24hrs is too optimistic a thought but ya, one can follow it partly.

Here I remember the words my big b used to tell me when I yell under pressure that ‘I don’t have time for that’.He used to say ‘don’t tell you don’t have time rather say that you don’t have priority!’Broader application of the words of that 7th standard person(my big b was in 7th when he learned this and since then he is following it also) do have significant application

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