Kumble visits Manipal

The great Indian spinner or rather flighter of the ball-Anil Kumble made a sudden visit to manipal campus few days ago.I was coming out of the discussion room of the central library, and as I opened the door, I saw a tall personality standing in front of me.I stared him 2 seconds to confirm whether he is really Anil kumble or someone else and even after confirming he really is, I did nothing else but stare!!He gaged my amazement and threw a flighter!!he said to me ‘hi, now don’t change the topic of your discussion.’Accompanying manipal heads must have told him that the room is meant for discussion and as the door was opened for him by someone, he happened to see my amazed face.Smart enough to gage my situation he threw a perfect flight!!Experiences like this really make me believe in luck.

He then took a view of the library, university building and some other places; praised them and went off.And understandably during all this, he was kept busy by fans for autographs and photo session especially by girls who were flat on his personality and I admit that it was too good!1

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