The physics of music

Most of the people wonder about the difference in prices of same looking music systems and speakers as even I used to do in my adolescent days.Well explanation lies in the maximum and minimum frequency at which they can play.To include the extremes, The range of sound frequency that human ears can appreciate is approximately 20 to 20000 Hz, but usual audible sounds follow in 200 to 2000 Hz and this is the range where we can discriminate between different sounds the most.

Speakers are available which can play up to frequency of 18000 and with that you can easily discriminate between each minute sound that has occurred during recording(provided you have good functioning ears!).But for reasons unknown to me, when it comes to lower frequency(less than 100) discriminatory power of human ears fall rapidly!Another reason is that low frequency sound spreads (in contrast to high frequency ones which beams).This characteristics are attributable to their speeds probably.

And this is the fundamental behind every music systems or home theatre system that has 4 to 5 speakers but only 1 woofer or sub-woofer.Since woofer sound spreads evenly before it strikes your ears only one is required while 4 to 5 speakers around the room corners are required to give stereo effect to their sound.

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