Seminar success

Cheer up time.I am done with my seminar successfully today.Department critics committee(no such committee exist as such but considering experience of senior profs, the critics they give are considered to be very valid and so I call them critics committee).So I received a compliment for presenting good seminar from one of the committee member.They liked the spontaneousness with which I delivered the content.That was unknowingly for me this time actually but ya I would like to add some weight on What my sir said.A mugged up content cannot be a base of a good seminar.Thorough knowledge and understanding of the topics are the must be fulfilled criteria.

Anyway I am very happy to be through to one major commitment, though 2nd one that is ‘garba’ is due. But it is an interest rather than commitment so more of enjoyment and no study atleast for 2-3 days.cheesella

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