Should knowledge have a limit?

The great thinker Einstein said once that ‘knowledge is good but to a certain extent.’

Analysis of his statement was our topic of discussion yesterday.It seems a hi-fi philosophical discussion is a part of our dinner outing.I used to admire vastness of Jwalit’s knowledge to which he put a question mark yesterday!!He said when you are excessively knowledgeable, your own imagination is curbed and delivered the statement I have given above.Understandably, I didn’t understand what exactly he was trying to convey!Not so fitting but definitely relevant and relatively simple example was given to me.

In the internet era accessibility to knowledge is no more a problem.We have lot many articles on any damn thing we want to know.If you are not particular about any ‘anything’ , just open some encyclopedia like ‘wikipedia’ and you will get to know many new arrivals and new things about older ones.Means you have easily accessible reference point for any information you don’t know or you are unable to recollect.And since you know about a reference point, from where you are sure of getting required information, you will take its support and won’t try to apply your own imagination or logic.

So I agreed that our thought process is curbed to some extent but then a new question was does our imagination or logic really matter when we have all the details of established facts about our query on our palmtop?You know what?time has always been a limiting factor of our discussion and with this open ended question we declared our conference to be finished!!

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