24hrs in a day-enough?

To be true,its a big credit on the part of a ‘manipalian’ who can find some spare time.Ample of opportunities and infrastructure just drags me into one or the other activity and I hardly find even a fraction of a second free in spite of possessing an attitude that is not so lazy but ya, a kind of opposite to workaholic!

These days I am having a pretty cool home stay but before coming here I was busy like anyone on the earth!1 hr of tennis in the morning was the best day start I could have.Well, it goes without saying that its difficult to wake up at 5 30 in the morning for the game you haven’t touched in your lifetime.Still,once habituated its fun and a kind of base for good rhythmic day!

Next of course comes the department with its responsibilities.Being 1st year pg , I am not put under very heavy workload, but enough to stretch till 4 30 in the eve.Then again comes the outdoor time and we have to perform a tough task of choosing among football , badminton , cricket , and of course tennis and as a last resort gym is there if no one is available to join me for any sports(that rarely happens)!

Finally just to look like a student and sometimes to memorize myself that I am student, I read a bit in postdinner session.But more commonly I play chess with room mate and experiment with electronic gadgets!!So you see, its not my fault, actually I really don’t have time for studies!1

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