Glorious Sunrise

I have always

been a morning person, but have never seen a sunrise.

Today though was special. after the usual tennis game I play with my colleague Sammod, we set off for End point as is our routine since the past few weeks. Today there were no clouds to block our view of the sunrise and this is what I captures on my digital Camera.

Even after this , I couldn’t get enough and captured a second small clip. By now my digicam started crying for more battery power and i had to cut the recording short.

I had forgotten to charge the rechargeable AA size batteries last evening as is my routine.

Last morning I had tried to capture the beauty at the end point, where construction is on to create a Joggers park.

The troubling aspect of which is that a lot of trees have been cut. Now will they be planting a few back? What’s the need of a Joggers park when the road leading to the End Point is sufficient?


  1. Man.. that video really made me miss manipal.. we use to enjoy a similar view behind our hostel…

    MIC students were accommodated at 9th blck (MIT hostels) then.. i have zillions of photographs of the sunrise in that valley!

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