Hemispheral dominance

Science says ‘right handed person has dominant left cerebral hemisphere and vice versa.’Well, analysis of the same was the topic of discussion yesterday.i have seen some people having the ability of using both the hands equally, though they use one of them more frequently.And according to them they have achieved this skill with practice.Now here arises the confusion.Since the brain development is finished by the age of 1 year, the dominance of either hemisphere is decided prior to that if it is to be decided by structural configuration.But since one can acquire the skills of using both the hands equally by practice, it seems that structure has to play minimal role in deciding dominance.

To be frank my initial question was why should I even try using my left hand when I have one highly efficient right one?But again out of our imaginations , it can really be extremely useful.And there is no harm in learning.Here I would like to co-relate it with ‘Lateral thinking’ in which you ignore the long established terms and try re patterning impression of something.It is though not a promising approach, but definitely worth trying one.be cause if you succeed in that you are really on top