The Manipal Journal….

It’s official! It is the first news site of Manipal, a kind of newspaper itself with some local news and reports. having weekly updates every Monday, it is a student’s initiative totally oriented towards providing news to other students in Manipal. News from all over Manipal is reported, event reviews wherein the quality of events is assessed and answers all your questions of what, where and how things are being organized in our small town. It also carries news based features, givving you the other aspect of happenings around.

The web site carries seven to ten articles throughout the week along with an Editors note, which summarizes the activities of the week. One of the main attractions of the website is the ‘podcast’. there have been two podcasts till date, the first was an introductory one and the other gave a general idea about the incident in the food court, where the students had broken the false roof after the India-Pakistan T-20 final.

The website also discusses serious issues of the students and different controversies taking place all over Manipal. these can really attract the students’ attention and interest them to visit the site.

The website also comprises of picture stories and in the near future they are planning to experiment with the content and put in some video clips. So if you want to keep up to date with the happenings around Manipal and are interested in Knowing about the members of the site, be sure to log on to The Manipal Journal.

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