Rules-are they made to be broken?

I had a unilaterally serious discussion with my dad about rules, mainly traffic ones but applicable to many other aspects also.To be frank, overwhelming traffic of Ahmedabad is quite difficult to manage for traffic police (and still they find time to catch hold and scold some funky looking guys).Anyway that is not the real issue here.

After sharing some bad experiences with so called ‘smart bike riders’ and kerosene auto drivers, our talk (or you can say a lecture!) went into comparison with usa to find reasons.In fact not to find but to criticize those.In an exaggerated form the difference is that they follow ‘rules?we have to follow’ and we say ‘rules?Lets break!’ or ‘rules?who cares?’.

Borrowing lawyer’s attitude from unknown source, I went into defense saying ‘usa is a country made by migrants and highly intellectuals from all country go there and they constitute major bulk.Well, lawyer in me broke into pieces with next argument from dad ‘that means we don’t have intellectuals?’.(Usually dad outsmarts me in discussions).Finally an agreement was signed on inference that we can but for some reason we don’t love to follow rules or we love to break them.

I am not saying that its entirely publics fault.Clap can only be performed with both hands together but for that either hand has to take an initiative and hopefully it will be of general public by means of obeying the rules(the bottomline).

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