Tennis Elbow

To define it-Tennis Elbow is a stress induced pathological condition in which there is avulsion of the tendons of extensor muscles of the forearm from its origin that is lateral aspect of arm bone.Generally follows excessive use of those muscles.
Symptoms constitutes severe pain and difficulty in movement of forearm.
Treatment is mainly physiotherapy.Steroids can also be beneficial.

The condition is very well known in Indian subcontinent as The master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is suffering from it.Being a medico I am very well aware of the condition and the reason why it is named so.But its only recently that I could really justify the name, after I stretched my legs in one more outdoor sport-tennis.As occurs commonly, I was overenthusiastic about the game in the beginning and was putting too much of effort into it as in smashing it pretty hard and trying desperately to reach the ball which is truly out of reach!!And in this process I overburdened extensor muscles of my right elbow which responded by pain though not severe as occurs in tennis elbow but it was definitely an indicator that I should calm down!

Anyway its three days now since I haver started and I know at least some of the basic techniques and precautions that is movements to be done at shoulder and less at elbow ; play simple practice and no hitting at least for 15 minutes before starting the game etc.So enthusiastic s’ , just be it and not over and if possible learn some basics from formal players

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