Joggers’ park at The End Point

Under construction joggers’ park at the very beautiful place -‘The End Point’, is v much awaited by the students of Manipal University.Actually any construction at The End Point is debatable because it had its own natural beauty which is gonna be compromised by any humane interference.Though many people believe that park like construction will add to its beauty, some thinks other way round.For the correct opinion , we will have to wait for some months at least till its over.End result is more likely to fall in support of the opinion of the majority that is ‘end point will be come more beautiful’, since Manipal people are smart enough in looks and beauty of the any construction!!

Here I would like to add frankly that they are not so good in directions of the constructions they make!!Say for example-roads.V few 2 roads merging you will find right angled.That makes it difficult to get orientation of the roads and also increases dead space.Anyway, as of now, there is no shortage of space and students are smart enough to learn the system so none of the considerastion carries significant weight age.

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