The Master of Orion

Recent addiction producing virus that has infected me is of strategic computer games.I have not played many , or say any ‘like that’-games, in the past.And I used wonder what great fun people find in that!!But after feeling the fun and excitement hidden beneath it, having played few rounds of The master of Orion-2, I will definitely take their side!The game being pretty old in the market, few game freaks will find this description quite outdated.the master orion is all about The galaxy, its star systems , and the planets.Provided with one of the star system,in the that you have to establish research lab, industries and make fleets , expand and ultimately rule the galaxy.There will be other emperors to hurdle your progress.You have to do some diplomatic negotiations or set up a battle with them and defeat them.All the possible random events of galaxy which you can think of, occurs here also.But its not as easy as it sounds to be.Its a real challenge.I have lost 4 out of 5 I played and trust me its a real challenge.Being quite old, graphics are not so good but it tops among the strategic games ever.If you are involved in some busy activity or planning to get, don’t even touch this, as it is highly addicting game.It will eat a lot of your time.other way round if you have some time, don’t miss it

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