Windows vista over XP

As far as features and looks are concerned, undoubtedly vista is far better than XP.More attractive icons , glitters and so on.But use of all this makes it significantly slower than XP when compared with the comp of same RAM.And when professional or educational use of computer is taken into account XP is definitely better according to me.

When development and improvement of any gadget is considered, speed and ease of use are the features which should be looked at first, rather than glitters.In addition every new pro gramme created for it can be presumed to be consuming higher RAM space.And RAM is a physical kind of thing, which you cannot improve yourself or from internet and so ‘switch over to higher RAM for getting the same speed’ doesn’t make a good explanation.It makes use of existing system almost impossible.Personally I always prefer XP over vista for my own study and surfing purpose till windows-people come up with good solution to slow speed of vista